Raspberry Pi (IOT)

Raspberry Pi : It is one of the cheapest computer available today. We can connect a mouse and a keyboard with it. It also contains the sd card.It is the small computer running on linux.It’s name is extracted as follows :

Resp : Extracted from raspberry (fruit) 

Pi : Extracted from python language

It is almost credit card size computer.

Note : Some of the competitors of Respberry PI are Banana Pi , Orange PI, BeagleBones.. But no of the competitors can bit Respberry on documentation and online resource.The basic cost of Pi is 25$. But it is not that all comes in single pack. We have to purchase the desktop screen and keyboard for it.There are also a lot of case(container) available for it. For power supply PI uses a micro USB charger. When we turn it(PI) on the will boot our OS.

It is build-in with ram and cpu.It has 4 usb-ports.Through these USB ports we can connect mouse, keyboard and pen drive also.It also has the Ethernet jack : That we can use to connect out kit(PI) with the internet.It also has the SDMI port to connect with the desktop screen. Also we have 40 GPIO(general-purpose input/output (GPIO) ) pin’s that we can connect with the different sensors and Arduino.It also have CSI hook to attach our camera. Now to load our operating system , our PI uses the usb card to load the operating system. We do have build in chip and antenna which connects with build-in wifi

A normal user can not use it as a regular computer. It will hang after sometime

We can also login to the remote PI through ssh with our credentials.

It uses the Respbian operating system.

We need more programmers then ever before.It is a free operating system from a SD card just like we have in our mobile. It is also inbuilt with a USB charger to power it.We can also connect our respberry Pi with a mouse and a keyboard. many old peoples are try to hack over it to know what new things they can do with this boss oS. It is portable and can be programmed easily..



Usecase : We have online app that can track the parking slots available.

a)Learning Program

b)Learning linux (Cheapest solution)

c)It act’s as a network storage

d)It can act as a media server

By Pankaj Kumar Agarwal

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