String Operation in javascript

1)Write a code to reverse a string

Way 1 :

split the string into array

reverse the array

join the array

Programme :

Way 2 :

Loop through the main string

Concatenate through the reverse string

2)Write a code for the palindrome. 

Note : If any string or number gets reversed then it marches the original value

Example : akka , kayak , level

Way 1 :

<div id=”id1″></div>
var str = ‘apple’;
var mainStr = ”;
for(x of str){
mainStr = x+mainStr;
document.getElementById(“id1”).innerHTML = str + “==” + mainStr;
document.getElementById(“id1”).innerHTML = “It is palindrom”;
document.getElementById(“id1”).innerHTML = “It is not a palindrom”;


By : Pankaj kumar agarwal

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